giovedì 22 ottobre 2009


Una nuova collezione di pendenti "swirl", interamente realizzati in pasta sintetica , con applicazioni in rilievo, microsfere, svarovski, montati con perle lavorate in argento.

A little collection of swirl pendants, wholly made of polymer clay, with appliqué leaves and flowers, microspheres, swarovski crystals. They're set with silver beads.

"Tramonto estivo"

"Blue wave"

"Plum flavour"

"Milk & Chocolate"

"Flora tropicale"

7 commenti:

Christine ha detto...

They are so intricate and beautiful!!

EnjiB ha detto...

Wow ! they are amazing ! I love them all !

Marina ha detto...

Thank you, nice to find your comments!
Chris, I've linked your blog in my favourite list, your work is really stunning!

Lúcia ha detto...

Wow what a work!
They are amazing, all of them, so delicate.
Congratulations...again :)


Valerianas Studio ha detto...

Very, very beautiful!

Nicole ha detto...

que c'est beau ici!!

Marina ha detto...

Thanks Lùcia and Valerianas!!! *__*

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